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The Intelligence Break

a novel about the curious relationship between sex and brains


"An original writer - an outsider with inspiring talent. He tries to make sense of America and the world and his book can be recommended to others who feel outside the mainstream and enjoy thinking."
            Stephen Vizinczey, author of In Praise of Older Women and An Innocent Millionaire


"It certainly held my attention and it reads quickly.  I don't know any book quite like it...the mixed genres worked well...All told, it's quite an achievement."
            Tim Redman, author of Ezra Pound and Italian Fascism and President of PEN Texas



When Stephen Ambrose reads an article about a male birdís brain expanding during mating in order to attract a female, he gets an idea for a science fiction novel.  But he also wonders how this insight applies to the two love relationships in his life as he learns to dance tango, travels to Buenos Aires and Holland, and gets advice from a friend with malicious intentions.


Read the first chapter, Transference.

Read a chapter of Stephen's tango trip to Buenos Aires, Invisibility.




Thomas Barnard was born in Chicago, and lives in nearby Oak Park.  He was first published by Saul Bellow in The Republic of Letters.


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